Gearbox Selection
Planet D: Planet D is the diameter of the plate
Substrate: Substrate is the diameter of your products
Distance: Distance is the distance between two neighboring products

CP2 Pxx V15
Light Wxx SW16
Medium Mxx SW19
Heavy Magxx RF20

Planet D: [mm]
Pitch: [mm]

Getriebetypen Calculated PCD: 120[mm], optimal division: 25

Please enter the dimensions of your products (substrate) and your plates (planet). In addition, the desired minimum distance between neighboring products. You can use the check boxes to include / exclude certain gear types. If you click on "Send", the optimal pitch circle and the optimal division will be calculated. The available gearboxes will be displayed below, the best hit first. By clicking on the item number or the picture you will jump directly to this gearbox in the shop.

Data Picture
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