Gearboxes form the basis for a continuous and enforced triple rotation. A difference is made between slow and fast rotation. The slow rotation is mainly used for smaller and light substrates (less than 30g). The quantity of substrates can vary between 8 and 36 positions. The slow rotation of the substrate axis reduces wobbling and falling.

Gearboxes with a faster rotation, on the other hand, only hold 5 to 24 positions and are preferably suitable for medium-weight substrates (between 30g and 200g). In order to increase the coating capacity, these gearboxes are built very flat and light. For substrates up to 3000g the number of positions is reduced to a maximum of 16. Due to the high load, the structure is more robust and for long substrates rods, top plates and central tubes can also be added.

The light and flat gearboxes are provided with an exchangeable cover as standard, but this is optional for the larger ones.

Various options are available for holding the substrate. 4pvd has four different interfaces in the standard portfolio, but adapts the interfaces depending on your needs. Each interface is basically a modification of the standard pin, this is easy to equip, is inexpensive and offers an almost perfect rotation.

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